Media: Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 due to risk of explosion

Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 7 review after several incident with the explosion of the battery flagship smartphone. It is reported the South Korean newspaper Korea Herald.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung delayed the start of deliveries of new flagship smartphones Galaxy Note 7 on the South Korean market for testing the quality of products.

The company did not specify what they were testing in the new device. According to South Korean Yonhap News portal, six copies of the new flagship exploded battery: publishing relied on photos posted on the local forums, social networks and YouTube. Information that anyone was injured in the incident, were reported.

Samsung did not respond to the questions by what criteria were selected smartphones for testing, and how to determine whether a particular instance.

In Seoul announced the break in the supply of smartphones on August 31, 2016. According to media reports, this decision has already cost Samsung $7 billion of its market value due to the immediate fall of the stock 2%. Assessment Park young-Hoon, Manager of the consulting company HDC Asset Management, the profit of Samsung in the July-September 2016 will fall at least $180 million.

A subsidiary of Samsung SDI, which supplies batteries for Galaxy Note 7, stated that it has not received from Samsung no information about problems with this model. However, after reports of a break in the supply of the company’s shares fell 6.1%.

The press of South Korea, citing a source at Samsung, said that the company decided to launch a programme of review Galaxy Note 7. It is not known whether the company to return the money to change phones or replace the batteries of the devices.

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