Media: Samsung still doesn’t know why burn and explode its smartphones

Samsung failed to replicate in a laboratory situation with spontaneous ignition of the Galaxy Note 7. About it reports The Verge with reference to a source close to the South Korean company. Even a month after the first reports of the explosions of devices, Samsung engineers are unable to accurately diagnose the cause of the problem.

Initially, Seoul was confident that the main problem lies in the battery of smartphones. The government blamed a subsidiary company Samsung SDI, which alleged negligence during the production of power supplies. In the new batch of Galaxy Note 7 has installed a battery from another manufacturer, however, they are smartphones continue to burn and explode. Now in search of the source of the problem forces thrown hundreds of employees.

“They were quick to blame the batteries, — said the interlocutor of the edition. – However, with them both times everything was in order. Or the explosion affected not only them, but any more factors.”

“In pursuit of the iPhone the South Korean manufacturer tried to pack the smartphone innovation that they have become uncontrollable” — he said.

The publication adds that after the incidents with explosions phablet Samsung does not exclude the probability of rejection of the use of the brand Note.

“The guide Samsung is considering abandoning the use of names Note, as recent events have literally destroyed the reputation of this brand. According to polls, very negative to the device is more than 50% of respondents, including South Korea. The only thing you can do in this situation is to completely destroy the brand,” said a source in the headquarters.

This interviewee noted that the name of the flagship series of smartphones Galaxy decided not to change. “Rebranding will cost too expensive,” he explained.

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Clifton Nichols

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