Media: the Apple at the last moment refused the iPhone 7 with a single camera because of stiff competition in the market”

Apple abandoned plans to release three versions of the iPhone 7 a few months before the official presentation, scheduled for September. This is reported by sources industry business publication Nikkei.

We have previously able to see in photos three varieties of the new flagship Apple. One is 4.7-inch with single camera, the second – 5.5-inch with single camera and the third is a 5.5 inch with dual camera. Initially, the company was going to release all three models, but at the last moment from the larger models with a single camera refused. The reason the sources referred to “fierce competition in the market.”

“For the first time after the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple came under such pressure. The competition was so great that Apple in the second quarter made the decision to kill the premium model iPhone 7. It happened less than six months before the official presentation, said informed sources. Initially, Apple had planned to release two versions of iPhone 7 Plus, one with a single camera, another with a double. In the end the company abandoned the model with one camera,” writes the Nikkei.

Earlier on one of the videos in the network exhibited all three of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 Pro. From the current generation in addition to the new ledge camera devices are offset of the antenna panels and the lack of standard 3.5 mm Jack, whose place was taken by the second speaker.

The new generation of smartphones Apple is credited with efficient processor Apple A10, 32 GB of memory in its minimum configuration, a more capacious battery and improved protection against moisture. 5.5-inch version in addition to the dual camera is also expected to have 3 GB of RAM.

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