MegaFon has introduced a new tariff “interest” with free traffic instant messengers and applications

Operator MegaFon introduced a new line of tariff plans “jump!” for “modern users. The new proposals are “of interest”: for chatting, watching videos, listening to music.

In preparation for the tariff was the analysis of big data, on the basis of which takes into account the expectations of users. Now everyone can choose a suitable tariff plan and pay only for those services that are needed.

“Currently, more than 60% of new connections “the Megaphone” it is necessary for digital subscribers. They actively use the mobile Internet for social networking, instant messengers, watching videos, listening to music and making mobile payments”, ā€“ told in the company.

Today, these customers account for a third of the subscriber base of MegaFon, but in the near future they will be the majority. With more than 25% of smartphone owners access the Internet with 4G network.

Before today, callers can choose among the offers of the operators only rates with a proportional increase of all services within the package: the higher subscription fee, the greater the amount of the included minutes, SMS and Internet traffic. Because of this approach packages to be used, said the company.

“MegaFon” has decided to change the approach. The line “jump!” is designed for those who do not want to pay for redundant services. For example, in the new line are available to subscribers for free, and unlimited main messengers.

In the new line of seven tariff plans, which vary by destination. Each of them included a certain package of traffic and multiple applications, the traffic of which is not included in the overall package and remains unlimited.

For example, “Write” includes 200 SMS and 350 minutes of calls, 2 GB of traffic and unlimited traffic within WhatsApp, Viber and eMotion (your own phone, “MegaFon”), and “Communicate” ā€” 500 minutes, 12 GB of traffic and unlimited access to “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and eMotion.

Every subscriber of “MegaFon” can be “included” in the world of endless digital possibilities, selecting the most suitable personally for him a set of apps with unlimited access, the company said.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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