MegaFon: iPhone shake 1.5 times more Internet traffic than Android users

IPhone users download from the Internet one and a half times more data than Android owners. Such statistics leads the operator “MegaFon”.

The company has compiled a ranking of the most common models of LTE smartphones on the network and found out what users are most “sit” on the Internet. According to “MegaFon”, more than 60% of all 4G traffic of subscribers you have on smart phones with Android operating system, and the iPhone is 36% of mobile traffic.

While the average smartphone user Apple downloads in a month and a half times more traffic than the owner of the “Android” ā€“ 6.5 GB vs 4.5 GB.

“Today, the smartphone is not just a means of voice communication, but also a way of obtaining and sharing diverse information. Photos, videos, online games content on the Internet always “heavier”, with more demanded there is a 4G network”, ā€“ commented the results of the study in “the Megaphone”.

In addition, the iPhone was the leader in the individual standings of the user preferences is the most popular models of smartphones in the operator’s network are iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Only Apple takes 30% of the total number of 4G-enabled devices, bypassing Samsung smartphones (18%).

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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