“MegaFon” released “has no analogues in the world” Bank card tied to the account phone

“MegaFon” held a presentation of a unique Bank card. Its main feature is that score card is actually a mobile phone account. In this case, customers will be able to pay her accepted anywhere Mastercard.

“MegaFon” has offered subscribers a Bank card tied to the account of the mobile phone. Analogues of such a product yet in the world. Among the advantages of card — free service monthly accrual 8 percent per annum on the balance of the account, and when paying for purchases accrued cashback — up to 10 percent of the amount of the transaction.

Using the card the money in your account to pay for any goods and services. The peculiarity of the product lies in the fact that the card operates like a normal Bank card, but her account is the account number. Adding to the balance, the customer completes the card. This can be done in any usual way: via terminals, online banks, auto payment, etc. Enough to put money on the phone number, then them immediately you can pay by card.

“We have 76 million subscribers who already have a mobile account, and thus they are already the owners of our map. They have only to come to the salon operator free to pick up your map and pay bills with your phone anywhere,” said Sergey Soldatenkov, CEO of MegaFon.

With the new card allows users to transfer money without a fee to anywhere in the world. The company also guarantees safety of monetary funds on the account. First, money stored at the operator and not in the Bank and revocation of the license of the mobile operators was not. Secondly, all card holders of the MegaFon company will block the ability to “get” the unwanted subscription. Thus, the cardholders will be guaranteed protected from unwanted charges.

The card is available to all clients of “MegaFon”. For “All inclusive” it will be free for the rest of the cost of opening will be from 99 rubles, depending on the type of card. Annual service for subscribers of all tariff plans free of charge.

Other benefits include monthly accrual 8% per annum on the balance of the account, so the money on mobile phone will “work”. When paying for purchases at partners of the project — the rewards (cashback): 10% of amount credited back to the account. To receive this discount now possible in many cafes, restaurants, shops.

The first owners of the cards have become Olympic Champions in 2016 fencers Sophia Velikaya, Yekaterina Dyachenko, Ian egorian and well-known saxophonist Igor Butman. Now joining them are residents of Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Tver, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Vologda, just go with your passport in any salon “Megaphone”.

Residents of other cities will be able to get a new card at any of the 2,000 salons of “MegaFon” since October. The card is activated by phone, then by means of mobile phone immediately you can use it. For account management, we created our mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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