MegaFon will spend on compensation to victims of failure to subscribers of $5 million

“MegaFon” promised to pay compensation to subscribers affected by a catastrophic failure of the network operator. According to the publication Content Review, the total costs of the operator on payments can reach $5 million.

On Friday, in a network “the Megaphone” it was one of the biggest accidents in the history of the cellular operator. Starting at 11am, customers could make voice calls, send and receive SMS messages. The data service continued to work in connection with which MegaFon has encouraged its customers to use instant messenger with support calls. Connection lost about 30 million subscribers, that’s the number of clients served “MegaFon” in the branches “Capital” and “Volga” (data at the end of 2015).

Fully the consequences of the accident MegaFon eliminated by ten Friday evening, and on Saturday appeared first promises to compensate subscribers for the inconvenience. First this was stated by the company “Skartel” working on the infrastructure of “MegaFon” under the Yota brand, has promised to spend on compensation to its customers of 20 million rubles. It should be noted that all the operating indicators of Skartel konsolidiruyutsya in the financial statements of MegaFon.

Each subscriber in case of failure of the services may require the payment, usually it is compiled of 3% of monthly expenses of the subscriber for each day. In the case of “MegaFon” and its subsidiaries (“Skartel”, “No Bai No”), selling communication services of MegaFon under separate brands, compensation will be about 10 rubles (ARPU network of MegaFon is about 300 rubles). As a result, the costs of “MegaFon” can be 300 million rubles, or about $5 million.

According to some experts familiar with the real demand of compensation, “MegaFon” will be able to save up to 60% of the costs due to the “undecideds”: reimbursement will only get subscribers who will personally contact the support team. MegaFon sticks to this approach, not only in terms of compensation, but the work of a number of their tariff options.

In particular, the expensive roaming option does not turn off automatically: the user must independently turn them off. As a result, customers incur additional costs, which brings to the operator is small, but profit. MTS, Beeline and Tele2 have a different approach.

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