Meizu has introduced a fitness bracelet Band for $33

In addition to the smartphone Chinese Meizu M5 Note on Tuesday announced a fitness Band bracelet Meizu. The device is able to count steps, pulse and sleep time, and get notifications coming to your phone messages, calls and other events.

Display and technical stuff soldered to the strap, and therefore the user will not work to change them. This will prevent the capsule from an accidental fall, and will allow you to achieve the best moisture protection. Sync smart bracelet might as with Android smartphones and iOS gadgets.

Meizu Band is not afraid of water, as is protected under the standard IP67, and its battery life is about 15 days. The novelty copes with all the basic functions of a fitness band: counting steps, heart rate, sleep analysis. On the small OLED display displays time information and statistics exercises.

The cost of Meizu Band in China is only 33 dollars. The start of sales of devices in Russia is scheduled for early 2017.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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