Memobird: a tiny printer to print from iPhone and Android [video]

The printer is an optional bulky device that occupies half of the room, and eating paints and thick paper. Has long been invented, for example, portable printers – those that work over a wireless network, and can delight you with a printout in any location. But Chinese engineers went even further and came up with not just a portable printer, and the printer is barely larger than the average phone. Called this miracle Memobird – let’s look at the device in more detail.

Memobird weighs a little more than one hundred grams, and the dimensions fit in the palm of, respectively, the device can be worn if not in the pocket of my jeans, in the largest division of the backpack. Memobird prints on thermal paper – something similar to that will issue a check apparatus.

The gadget works very simply. You insert the reel paper into the device, include device, download the phone app and, in General, all – on just to use it. Separate the charm of the device that the printer allows you to print not only photos, but in General anything. For example, messages (you can print a shopping list, so as not to blunt the phone in the supermarket), formula (students will understand), funny pics, memes and stuff.

Because Memobird used thermal paper, high-quality photos will come out not very good, but some are reprints from Reddit completely. Or gallery comics, or a pack of photos from instagram – easy semilunate even give images a certain charm.

Separate plus – Memobird quickly connect with the phone, and quickly produces print: to embody in material form your photos from vacation, you will need a few minutes. Convenient, practical and fast are the Central advantages of this portable printer. Well, and cute design: the device looks pretty nice, the bird on the logo is pleasing to the eye.

Memobird will cost 50 dollars – not a small amount for the device of such level, but the price is fully justified, if you are a student, often go shopping or just love to look at photos not on the phone, and holding printed images. Well, in the end, it’s fun!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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