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5 Oct 2011 the world lost one of the best innovators of our time – Steve jobs. He was not just an entrepreneur, inventor or a perfectionist, jobs was a true genius.

In memory of his friend and chief, the current CEO of Apple Tim cook wrote on Twitter:

Steve showed me – and all of us – what it means to serve humanity. We miss him, today and every day, and we will never stop fighting to put it in the example.

After a long journey from adoption to becoming the most powerful man in the computer industry, he left a significant mark in history. The company Apple, which is currently the most expensive in the world with a market capitalization of more than a trillion dollars, achieved such heights only because of jobs.

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

Exactly 7 years ago, Steven Paul jobs has died surrounded by family at his home in California. According to Dr. Ramzi Amir, his initial choice of alternative treatment of pancreatic cancer “has led to unnecessarily early death.” The last words of the founder of Apple, said a few hours before death, was: “Wow! Wow! Wow!”.

“Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost the greatest man. Those of us lucky enough to know Steve personally and work with him have lost a close friend and mentor. Steve left behind a company that could create and only he and his spirit will always be the main Foundation of Apple,” an obituary posted on the Apple website.

Steve saw the world differently, and in this article we would like to tell you about a small part of the inventions that became the way we are accustomed to see them, because of him.

“Picasso said “Good artists copy, great — steal”. And we’ve never been shy about stealing great ideas” – Steve jobs.


Jobs didn’t invent the mouse, but he made it a mass product. The device, invented by Xerox firm in 1981, was worth $ 400. Apple has released its own single-button mouse for the Lisa computer in 1983. While the company managed to reduce the cost of the manipulator to $ 25. And fame the mouse acquired through the use of Apple Macintosh and later in Windows PC.


In 1984, Steve jobs introduced the world to the Macintosh 128K, and with the operating system Mac OS. At that time Apple offered a radically new graphical user interface. Interaction with the computer was not through abstract textual commands, and using a metaphorical desktop that contains icons of objects from real life. A year later bill gates “brazenly stole” this development and released the Windows OS. However, if not for perfectionism and the vision of Steve jobs, perhaps we would still have used text commands.

3D animation

Shortly before leaving Apple, jobs met with ed Catalla, head of the computer division of film Studio Lucasfilm. Catmull, by order of George Lucas, looking for a buyer for this division, and jobs, impressed the Studio was eager to buy it. Despite the fact that the company was losing money, and jobs was forced to invest personal funds, proceeds from the sale of shares of Apple, Pixar managed to gain credibility and to turn the idea of computer animation.

Among the cartoons of Pixar, there are owners of the award “Oscar”: “finding Nemo” “the Incredibles,” “Ratatouille,” “wall-e”, “Up” and “toy Story: the Great escape”.


iPod turned upside down the music industry. Thanks to this device the transition from discs and tapes to digital quality music. the iPod was positioned as a cult accessory and really found this status: more than one hundred thousand players were sold before the end of 2001, and for 10 years has implemented over 300 million devices. In 2005, a notable trend in the public life of America was the discussion content iPod public figures, up to the President of the United States.


the iPhone was introduced in January 2007 at the traditional exhibition Macworld Expo. He was not the first touchscreen smartphone with Internet access and a huge number of functions, but thanks to jobs, this device changed the mobile phone industry. Writer Walter Isaacson inclined to believe the presentation of the first iPhone the best in the career of Steve jobs.

One more thing…

In one of his last presentations Steve shared life stories and gave farewell to the younger generation. After reviewing this video, everyone can find similarities with them and, perhaps, jobs motivate more than one generation of great invention.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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