Messenger Google Allo, who did not approve of Snowden downloaded over 5 million times in a week

Edward Snowden urged not to use messenger Google Allo, but that’s not stopping the users. 4 days after release, the app reached 1 million downloads, and a week after the appearance of Google Allo in the public domain, this app downloaded over 5 million times.

Google Allo is popular despite the criticism of users. One of the reasons for criticism of the messenger cannot be installed on a tablet or second mobile user, as it is tied to phone number. Now the service is not even a web version. And if before the developers have assured that the encryption is end-to-end correspondence will be included by default in the final version of this function left only in incognito mode. Google will also store the history of messages on the servers to train their artificial intelligence.

Google Allo analyzes the user message and on the basis of these data offers a more precise response in future correspondence. The program is able to analyze the image: if, for example, the source sends the barbecue, the messenger will suggest the answers “good!” or “I love kebabs”.

Thanks AI app search gianta caused such a stir. In the special tab Allo lives the assistant Google now, which knows how to find information online, and entertaining the user gaming. You can call during correspondence with friends by simply typing @google and asking a question. Another interesting feature of the service is “smart” answers, allowing you to reply to messages without typing the text. Unfortunately, both options don’t work in Russian version of the messenger (promised “soon”).

On the eve of Google representatives have hinted at possible integration with video chat Allo Duo.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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