MGTS will offer smartphones for 1 ruble with a two year contract

Subscribers of MGTS can for 1 ruble per month to use a smartphone. This is reported by “Vedomosti”, citing a company statement.

At the moment subscribers are offered a Samsung Galaxy J120. To get the unit in such conditions, it is necessary to connect the convergent rate of the operator for 700 rubles a month (access to speeds of 150 Mbps, 20 GB of mobile data traffic, 500 minutes of calls). The smartphone becomes the property of the user, if he uses the services on such terms two years.

In case of partial refusal of services of MGTS and changes the plan, the subscriber must pay for the use of the apparatus 349 to the expiration of the two-year contract, the conditions of connection. Under full termination of the contract he will have to return the residual value of the smartphone: 7990 rubles, minus the number of months of use, multiplied by 349 RUB

According to the Director of marketing and business development of the operator Dmitry Kulakovsky, SSA expects to realize tens of thousands of smartphones. Over time, the range of models plan to expand.

In 2014, SSA works as a virtual operator (MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator) on the network of the parent of MTS. The company believes that shareware smartphones will allow as to expand the base of users of MVNO, and the number of subscribers to broadband access using high-speed (over 100 Mbps) rates.

According to the plans of MGTS by 2019 these tariffs must use 20% of its broadband subscribers compared to 15% now. In addition, increase of mobile Internet traffic MGTS: many subscribers to converged services still use regular phones and are not willing to buy the latest smartphone at full price, says Kulakovsky. According to him, the outflow of users of such services to 3-4 times lower than those who use only fixed telephony of MGTS.

Consumers tend to change smartphones just about every two years and choose a new one from tens and hundreds of models — so that the value of the scheme with a smartphone for 1 RUB raises questions, said the representative of “Beeline” Anna Imasheva. The experience of “Beeline”, the outflow of convergent subscribers is 4 times lower than regular rates.

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