Microsoft accidentally revealed the release date of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

In the spring, at the Build developer conference in 2016 Microsoft has announced a major update to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. As was immediately obvious from the name, the release of the update should take place approximately a year after the release of Windows 10.

Microsoft has not yet made any official statements on the exact release date update, however, the new information might help to clarify this issue. Press release on Microsoft News Center under the title “Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2 does not contain any text, but the title is enough to benefit from the updates on August 2.

Information appeared on the official website of Microsoft, but after some time it disappeared from the website: now it can be known only from the cache. Perhaps the press release was published accidentally ahead of schedule, so the official announcement may take place very soon.

If the date in the header is accurate, it looks very likely before the release of the updates is exactly five weeks, so the final version Anniversary Update in the next couple of weeks to start to be sent to Microsoft partners for installation on the device.

In the Anniversary Update will be many innovations, the most famous of which is the extension support in the browser Edge. In addition, an annual update will give users improved “start menu” and improved Windows store.

Note that at the WinHEC conference, Microsoft announced that such a major update for Windows 10, as the Anniversary Update, will go from three to two times a year. Each such update will be officially maintained for 14 months, after which patches and security patches for it will no longer be produced, and thus users will be encouraged to transition to newer version of Windows 10.

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