Microsoft has added Cortana to Skype

Added Microsoft intelligent assistant Cortana in the latest update of Skype for iOS and Android.

Communication is an integral part of human life. People communicate to stay connected, to share news and ideas, plan time together with family or friends, etc. Very often in conversation you need to specify additional information. For these data it is necessary to switch between applications, even briefly. But technology should make life easier and find the information they need quickly and without discomfort. To solve this problem, Skype has added the ability to use the intelligent assistant Cortana.

Cortana can offer useful information on the basis of a chat user, for example, suggest the nearest restaurants or movie schedules in the cinemas of the city. If the user has little time, the smart assistant helps you quickly and easily reply to a message without actually typing a word.

Microsoft intelligent assistant will help to organize your day, without turning off Skype. If Cortana detects that we are talking about planning events, she offered to make a reminder. It will be received on all devices where connected to the assistant.

In addition, Cortana can talk one-on-one, as a living person. You can find the weather forecast for the next few days or the name of the main actor in your favorite TV series. With smart assistant Microsoft any day will be more productive and fun.

October 10, Cortana for Skype became available in the United States. Soon the update will be available for users in other countries.

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Clifton Nichols

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