Microsoft has released a fixed update of Windows 10 to insiders

Today, October 10, Microsoft released a corrected version of the October update for Windows 10. The software giant also said that after the release of the previous build there were only a few cases of data loss, but the problem affected 0.01% of users.

“We have completely studied all of the messages about the loss of data, identified and corrected all known issues to be updated and conducted an internal investigation,” said John cable, Director of program management maintenance Windows.

Microsoft released the October update fixed Windows 10 for participants of the program Windows Insider. Later, the company will distribute it to all consumers.

“We will carefully examine the results, feedback and diagnostic information from our insiders before you take further steps for wider distribution,” explains cable.

The error that led to the removal of the files was related to a function Known Folder Redirection to redirect folders such as desktop, documents, pictures and screenshots from the default location.

The last time Microsoft introduced code into the update to remove empty and duplicate folders, but some of the users folders contain files. Now the company has developed a hotfix to resolve many of the problems associated with moving and deleting folders.

Microsoft will actively track all user requests associated with the re-build of Windows 10 Update October 2018, and will officially present it to consumers as soon as the company is confident that “no negative impact” for Windows users 10.

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Clifton Nichols

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