Microsoft postponed the release of “murderers” MacBook Pro for 2017

Last year Microsoft released its first laptop called Surface Book. During the presentation, the company has several times compared it to the MacBook Pro, showing the advantages of your product. As it became known, his successor will be released until next year, as reported by sources familiar with Microsoft plans.

Microsoft postponed the release of "murderers" MacBook Pro for 2017

First the laptop Surface Book the company showed at the presentation in October of last year. Microsoft called it “the most delicate and powerful computer in the world.” Its screen has a diagonal of 13.5 inches and a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels, and productivity, according to the company, two times higher than the MacBook Pro. Surface Book in top shape is worth about 250 000 rubles.

Microsoft postponed the release of "murderers" MacBook Pro for 2017

According to NextPowerUp, the output Surface Book the second-generation Microsoft decided to postpone until 2017. One of the reasons was the delay in the supply of Intel Kaby Lake, which should ensure the Surface Book 2 high performance along with superior technical characteristics. Specifications of a successor to the Surface Book at the moment is unknown.

Instead, the Surface Book second generation this year, Microsoft will release a competitor to the iMac – the computer all-in-one under the Surface brand. His announcement, as we wrote earlier, will be held in the third quarter. Monoblock computer Surface will be running Windows 10.

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