Microsoft was able to defeat iPad sales

Since the introduction of the first iPad Apple unconditionally was in the lead on the tablet market, and few could argue with their success. Moreover, no one could present a product that can compete with the iPad. Now it seems that Microsoft is beginning to happen, and this is evidenced by not only the interest in the Surface Pro 3, but the sales statistics from 101data Ecom In sights Panel, published on WinBeta.

It is necessary to make some reservations. Statistics show only sales in October 2015 and only sales from online stores in USA. However, according to this data, Microsoft was able to sell more tablets than Apple. The share of sold tablets online from Microsoft in October in the U.S. market amounted to 45%, while the share of iPad decreased to 17%. The data also show that Microsoft is leading in the average cost of the sold tablets.

Of course, online sales in the USA is only a small piece of data that cannot provide a complete picture of the market, and that means even sooner to retake the lead from Apple. However, you should pay attention to the Surface popularity. Microsoft was able to do something unique, and their product today is becoming more attractive.

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