Microsoft will pay users for the use of the browser Edge

Microsoft has announced that users will now be able to earn points in the loyalty program using a proprietary browser Edge. Obtained points can be spent on the acquisition of content or discounts on company products.

Microsoft has expanded the Bing Rewards program: now it is called Microsoft Rewards. Participants will be able to earn points for every hour spent in the company Microsoft. In addition, the bonus account was to be replenished when you buy apps in the Windows Store and products in the Microsoft Store.

To participate in the Rewards program, Microsoft will now be able people of any age, while as earlier only 13 years old.

Loyalty program provides two levels of participation. The first of them, users can spend earned points to buy digital content, including movies, music and applications, and upon reaching the second — a discount of up to 10% off all Microsoft products.

The inclusion of Edge in the bonus program Microsoft easily explained. According to statistics, in July 2016, this browser was only 5% of the world market compared with the leader of Chrome, which share greater than 50%.

Participants will be able to get points carried out in Microsoft time, but will not be counted more than 30 hours per month. The Corporation did not specify how many points will be awarded for each hour.

To date, the loyalty program applies only to U.S. residents. Whether its action extended to other regions not reported.

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