Mix the Xiaomi Mi 3 will receive 10 GB of RAM and support for 5G networks

This became known after a press-the Secretary of Xiaomi Global Donovan song shared on his twitter account a picture, hinting at a new interesting characteristics of the next smartphone of the company.

Xiaomi plans to introduce the flagship Mi 3 Mix 25 Oct in Beijing. And since this is the official release date, it is not surprising that in the network appeared the first hints of the filling of the new device.

The picture posted Donovan, shows two notebooks. One of them is written 5G, 10G in the second. With great confidence we can say that the first hints for future use of the office networks of the fifth generation, and the second tells about a record 10 GB, which will be equipped with the new smartphone.

Both features are attractive, however, all this is for the future and currently irrelevant, as 5G networks are not widespread even in developed countries, and 10 GB of RAM even too much. Remember Pixel 3 iPhone XL and XS, which is perfectly working with 4 GB of RAM.

In addition, Mi 3 Mix know that he will get the SD chipset 845, the slider mechanism to access the front facing camera and a fully edge-to-edge display.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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