Mobile operator Mobile VK “Vkontakte” will work 15 Jul

MegaFon announced the launch of a new mobile operator VK Mobile. The project will release on the event VK fest in St. Petersburg, and a full working July 15.

About the upcoming launch of the new operator said the commercial Director of “MegaFon” Vlad Wolfson at the presentation in London announced that the mobile operator of the social network “Vkontakte” will earn 15 July 2017.

The main advantages of tariffs V Mobile will subscription music streaming service, cashback from the purchase of content in social networks “Vkontakte”, as well as unlimited mobile data traffic for users of “Vkontakte”.

Running V Mobile, MegaFon wants to attract a younger audience, which actively uses the mobile Internet, said the representative of the company. At the moment it is 32% of subscribers and brings 60% of revenue.

The mobile operator “Vkontakte” is a project of the virtual operator on the networks of “MegaFon”. That such a project will be launched, media reported after the purchase “the Megaphone” holding Group.

Wolfson said that one of the main principles of the new strategy of “MegaFon” is the brand differentiation, which gives the opportunity to attract various customers. He recalled that the operator also continues to develop the brand Yota.

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