Modular flagship LG G5 SE fell sharply in Russia, due to weak demand

Flagship phone LG G5 SE in stores official retailers fell by 10 000. The initial cost of the modular smartphone was at the level of the top solutions for Apple and Samsung.

At the start of sales in Russia the price of the LG G5 SE was 49 990 rubles, and many considered it somewhat overpriced. Given that the characteristics of the device did not up to top performance, model ultimately did not find broad support among buyers.

As a result, the cost of the smartphone in the official retail fell to 39 990 rubles. The price has already put the “Megaphone”, “Citylink”, “Messenger” and a number of other online shops. “Beeline” and “Ozone” until they sell the unit at the same price, says Hi-Tech.Mail.

LG G5 SE — this is the Lite version of the flagship G5. The device comes with a fingerprint scanner and the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a proprietary software shell LG UX 5.0. From older model it is not such a powerful processor and reduced RAM.

LG G5 SE assembled on the Snapdragon processor 652 and is equipped with 3 GB of RAM. Diagonal IPS-display — 5.2 inches, resolution — 2560 x 1440 pixels. Of the gadget is dual camera (8 and 16 megapixels), which gives it a very wide 135-degree viewing angle.

The main feature SE G5 and G5 — modular design. The bottom part of the Communicator is removed together with the battery, and in its place you can put the other module. One of them is the digital-to-analog Converter, created by LG in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. It is designed for listening music in high quality. The other, LG Cam Plus turns your smartphone into a digital camera with a mechanical zoom buttons and shutter, and functions auto exposure and focus lock.

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