Mojave macOS does not support a special version of the iTunes App Store

In 2017, Apple removed the App Store from iTunes. Shortly after, the company released a special version of iTunes, which was the App Store for those who “still need to use iTunes to install apps”. But macOS Mojave does not support this program.

Initially iTunes App Store c had the build number 12.6.3. Then Apple released updates 12.6.4 and 12.6.5 the latest version. However, it cannot be installed on macOS Mojave. The new system also does not support the previous version 12.6.3 and 12.6.4.

It is unknown whether Apple will release an update for iTunes compatible with macOS Mojave or refuses to support the special version. Meanwhile, to install apps to iOS devices with a Mac you can use Apple Configurator.

macOS Mojave was released on September 24. In the system there was a dark mode, which completely changes the design in dark shades, as well as a lot of functions to improve productivity. Even macOS is Mojave, which Apple ported the app from iOS.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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