More isn’t better: why people are abandoning the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in favor of the iPhone SE

The SE was perceived by the audience is absolutely quiet. In the end, the new smartphone is a compact version without the iPhone 6s 3D Touch. But then began the fun part. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s began to move to iPhone SE. Madness? Or more does not mean better?

The author of the article, the owner of the iPhone 6s Plus, decided to conduct an experiment: to depart from its primary 5.5-inch smartphone with a big battery for iPhone 5s — apparently a complete copy of the iPhone SE.

For the period of the experiment the author has lost the big screen, capacious battery and 3D Touch. But the iPhone 5s instead offered its advantages: ergonomic design, easy to carry and use with one hand. Battery, by the way, enough for the whole working day and even a little longer.

In addition to these advantages the iPhone 6s Plus, in an experimental smartphone ran out of storage on 128 GB, camera with stabilization and all the advantages of a large display.

But! As it turned out, all of these functions and features 5.5-inch smartphone in the end was unnecessary. The dimensions of the iPhone 5s were perfect to work with the phone in one hand carries a real pleasure. The author eliminated the need to store tons of content and install a bunch of unused games and apps.

The experience of using a compact iPhone recalled the story with Blackberry mobile phones, offered great opportunities for working with email. Impressions are similar. On the small screen easier and faster to sort your emails, reply to messages and edit drafts. It turned out that not the most technically advanced camera is used much more often. The thought of having to Touch 3D all disappeared. Even efficiency is not the fastest to date processor the A7 in the iPhone 5s was enough.

It seems that Apple underestimated the demand for iPhone SE, because today there is a shortage of 4-inch smartphones. For a very large number of users the phrase “more is not better” was completely justified. Consumers really defied the trends of the market. Professional marketers strive to anticipate the desires of users, but the clients themselves know what they want.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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