Most iPhone owners will prefer to wait for the flagship 2017

A key success factor for the next-generation iPhone may be waterproof design and support wireless charging. It is reported by Cult of Mac, citing a report of research Agency Fluent.

In the run-up to the September presentation, Apple analysts have conducted a survey among 1745 people in the US. It was found that only 36% of smartphone owners believe Apple that the new iPhone 7 will bring significant improvements compared to the iPhone 6s. Among the most attractive features of the new model to the respondents, waterproof housing (56%), wireless charging (20%), sensitive to force of pressing the Home button (11%), dual camera (9%) and new connector Smart Connector (4 per cent).

Analysts note, however, that these features of iPhone 7 is unlikely to be a sufficient factor for the rapid growth of iPhone sales amid falling demand for smartphones. The study showed that only one in three iPhone users “most likely” will buy the new generation of smartphones “Apple” of the company.

“Apple needs to regain the wow factor, and it is potentially more aggressive steps on automotive and TV markets”, – commented the results of the study Chapter marketing Fluent’s Jordan Cohen.

And even if the hype around the iPhone 7 will not reach the level of previous models, Apple can still count on retaining the loyalty of the brand, 87% of iPhone users. That’s the number of owners of smartphones Apple chose the iPhone as their next smartphone. While three out of five users (59%) believe that the iPhone better than other smartphones on the market.

Analysts believe that users do not expect anything innovative from the new iPhone: “Many users are accustomed not to expect significant improvements from the new releases by Apple. Our study demonstrates the low expectations from the new iPhone. With nearly half of users, almost waiting for something to change in the next generation of products”.

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