Most likely, you will not want to buy Apple TV Remote30 review

Recently on sale long-awaited Apple TV fourth generation. The Apple website was not only decorated with an abundance of information on the console, but also offers accessories. Among them we can find the Apple TV Remote, but why is it worth it to buy it? In this have tried to understand our colleagues from the iDB, which found that the reasons to buy the remote control a little, especially now.

Apple TV Remote is 6490 rubles, and, of course, it comes bundled with Apple TV. It is noteworthy that the set top boxes with memory of 32 GB and the console is worth 13 990 rubles. In other words, the console itself would cost not much more expensive console, if it was sold separately. But don’t do it, but the separately sold Apple TV Remote. Is it worth it to buy?

Colleagues from the iDB found that the new generation of Apple TV can only work with one Apple TV Remote and, therefore, your idea to put the console in each corner of the room failed. You will not be able to use a remote purchased separately and will not be able to use two remotes for multiplayer games. If you want to use multiple controllers can, along with the remote use your iPhone as for games you can choose several compatible game controllers.

However, if you lose or break the complete Apple TV Remote, you don’t have to pay or 13 990 17 990 rubles for a new console with the remote. Slightly less than half the cost of the most affordable kit you can buy a Apple TV Remote separately. But better, of course, not to lose and not to break, because it costs dearly. On the other hand, Apple TV Remote app from Apple is almost two times cheaper than the iPod nano.

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