Motorola temporarily refused to issue “smart” hours

Motorola reported that it did not intend in the near future to release “smart” watches. The Chinese company Lenovo, which owns the brand, said the lack of plans to release devices on the platform Android Wear 2.0 in 2017. Against this background rumors about the possible appearance of the successor of Moto 360 looks very doubtful.

As the head of product development of Motorola Shakeel Barkat, the wearable device is not so important for the company to annually produce more new products. Do not expect such gadgets this year.

In September last year, Lenovo and Motorola released smart watches Moto 360, which still remain the last product of the manufacturer. However, the company still plans to upgrade the firmware of these watches to the newest version of Android, while the original “smart” watch Moto, launched in 2014, will be deprived of this privilege.

According to a report from research company IDC, in the second quarter of 2016, the market of “smart” hours declined by almost a third year-on-year. Most of the lost Apple: by mid-2015, the company owned 72% of the market in 2016 — 47%.

Analysts have long been talking about slowing down development of the market of wearable electronics. And it is possible that for this reason, Google decided to cancel the release of Android Wear 2.0 at the beginning of next year. After all, on hearings, together with this operating system should appear and two new models under the brand of Google, which will be the first gadgets based on it.

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