MTS and “MegaFon” is ready to buy Tele2

Operators MTS and “the Megaphone” has expressed its willingness to buy Tele2 in the event that the company will be offered for sale. It is reported by RBC with reference to the representatives of the operators.

MTS and MegaFon could buy a competitor, as a whole or to divide it, the newspaper notes. The meeting discussed only the theoretical possibility of a transaction and not a “substantive information”, said one of the participants of the conference.

“Any talk about this are hypothetical in nature”, ā€” said the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. MegaFon has not received any proposals for the purchase of Tele2, said the representative of the operator Julia Dorokhin. According to her, “always carefully considering all proposals for M&A, if any”.

“Before deciding on the purchase we conduct a detailed analysis of the subject of the transaction, and if the “Megaphone” the asset will be of interest, then a decision is made,” said Dorokhin.

“Rumors about the sale of Tele2, including the parts already went to the media a few years ago, but turned out to be unfounded. The company successfully develops, increasing market share, demonstrates good financial indicators”, ā€” said the representative of Tele2 Konstantin Prokshin.

In January 2016, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that at the end of 2015, the shareholders of “Beeline” discussed the possibility of a merger with Tele2. In March, a source close to the shareholders of the operator, said that talks of “Beeline” on cooperation with Tele2 moved to the “phase of silence”.

The representative of “Beeline” declined to comment.

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