MTS recognized as the leader in speed mobile Internet in Moscow

According to the research Agency Mobile Speed Rating, in Moscow, the highest average download speed in mobile networks in the major shopping centers and business centers, demonstrated to the operator MTS. About it reported in a press release received by MacDigger.

During testing we used different types of user equipment in 3G and 4G in the largest (Mall – 12:00-22:00, and for BTS – 13:00-14:00 and 17:30-19:30) and a standard load on the net. Studies have shown that the leader in most of the measurements were MTS. So the average speed in the city Mall during the weekdays in 3G networks 8.7 MB/s (MegaFon — 7,4 MB/s Beeline – 6.2 MB/s, Tele2, at 6.1 MB/s), and on Saturday and 2.7 MB/s (“the Megaphone” — 2 Mbps, and Beeline – 1,8 MB/s, Tele2 – 1.3 MB/s).

MTS has taken the lead in measurements of the 4G connection on weekends – 19,1 MB/s (“MegaFon” — 18 MB/s, Tele2 – 17,1 MB/s, Beeline was 16.8 MB/s), but on weekdays MegaFon faster – 25,2 MB/s (“MTS” — 24,7 MB/s, Tele2 – 22 MB/s, Beeline is 20.1 MB/s). It is noteworthy that the coverage areas the situation is reversed and 3G coverage for MegaFon (95% and 94% for MTS), whereas 4G is better MTS (70% vs. 65%).

The complete dominance of the MTS is observed in the business centers. In the conditions of standard load, the speed of 3G connection is 8.1 Mbps (Beeline – 8 Mbps, MegaFon — 7,7 MB/s, Tele2 – 5.1 MB/s), and at peak hours, and 2.9 MB/s (MegaFon — 2.5 MB/s, Beeline – 1.5 MB/s, Tele2 – 0,9 MB/s).

Similar figures and 4G networks: the usual time – MTS average speed is 30.2 Mbps, MegaFon — 28,4 MB/s, Tele2 – 26 Mbps, and Beeline – 14,1 MB/sec. In peak hours on the network for 28.1 and 23.4, 14,1,, 12.8 MB/s, respectively.

According to the authors of the study, the quality of mobile Internet for commercial real estate of Moscow has reached a level where subscribers can enjoy all modern services. The most problematic areas in the business centers defined Parking spaces and basement floors.

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