Murtazin: Galaxy Note 7 will be the best smartphone from the technical point of view, Samsung has no such technology

Leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin said in his Twitter about the upcoming flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. According to Murtazin, the device will be the best from a technical point of view, as competitors Samsung no technology at this level.

“One thing I can say for sure: no one manufacturer will not show anything similar from a technical point of view, they just do not have such technologies”, — said the analyst. He noted that the Galaxy Note 7 will be “the most powerful from an engineering point of view model, which has a large margin of safety.”

Galaxy Note 7 will be supplied only in the version of Edge and due to the beveled faces, the smartphone will have a good lie in the hand. The dimensions of the device — 153,5×73,9×7.9 mm.

The building will be monolithic, and therefore the user will not be able to replace the battery, said Murtazin. However, this will make the device protected from water and dust to standard IP68. A resolution of 5.8-inch Super AMOLED screen will be 2560 x 1440 pixels. As in the current flagship, the device will be available feature is Always On.

Galaxy Note 7 will receive 6 GB of RAM and flash drive 64 GB. One of the slots for the SIM card can be used for cards microSD. The American market the device will come with Snapdragon 821 with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz, international — Exynos 8893 (2.7 GHz). Under the same load, the difference in time between versions can reach 20-25%.

It is noted that the battery capacity is 3600 mAh, but it “is enough for 2-3 full day’s work.” In the test Murtazin at maximum brightness smartphone play a video for 20 hours. The device will get the scanner of the iris.

According to the analyst, the Galaxy Note 7 will be presented during the presentation of the Unpacked 2 August. The cost of South Korean flagship in Europe will amount to 800 euros.

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