Music service Spotify no longer supports Safari

The web version of Spotify can no longer be opened using the Safari browser, while Firefox, Chrome Edge and work with the service normally.

When you try to log in to the Spotify web player using Apple, users are faced with the option to download a different browser and the message – “Your browser is no longer supported”.

On the official forum Spotify have already started the discussion: representatives of the service confirmed that they can no longer support Safari.

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that Spotify has decided to use the plugin from Google Widevine for broadcast and content protection. This plugin does not work in macOS, as it is not safe enough for the system and may put users at risk of hacking.

Spotify and Apple have become direct competitors in 2015, when the latter launched its own music service Apple Music. Since then between companies is fierce struggle for the audience.

Despite the big name of Apple, Spotify shows a more steady and rapid growth, overtaking the Cupertino-based company’s number of paid subscribers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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