“My dream realized”: Artemy Lebedev praised the obscene news aggregator for iOS

Famous Russian designer Artemy Lebedev praised the app “calm down, calm?”, in which news headlines are rewritten using foul language. The project is available on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.

“Calm down, calm?” is an aggregator of news from around the web with titles that have been adapted using obscene language. Lebedev praised the project, noting that the long-dreamed media, in which “the news served as their plus-minus people tell each other.”

“So far the guys are a little over the top in the direction rzhaka, for which the recognition event is lost (you have to click on a link, that too). I hope podkorrektirovatj,”ā€“ said Lebedev.

The developers themselves “calm down, calm?” in the description of the promise to provide current information about weather, traffic jams in the city and the news. “All the information is correct Russian language” ā€“ note the creators of the service.

“Calm down, calm?” works not only in browser but also in mobile applications for Android and iOS. Accurate statistics of downloads the developers did not disclose and saying that public analyzer project does not use. In Google Play the app has more than 100,000 downloads.

“According to the Apple statistics are orders of magnitude less since they don’t allow applications with open swearing,” admitted the magazine TJournal developer: “iOS Users have the option to choose abusive version via settings in the app. There is need to change the language from “Russian for greenhorns” “Russian””. People who Mat not tolerate the creators of “calm down, calm?” is not interesting.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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