My iPhone is a social network for book lovers Goodreads

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal to many users.

Despite the fact that the 21st century can not be called the most “reading”, the world is still a huge number of fans of the books. In this regard, they have their own social network where you can not only find yourself reading supporters, but also to monitor their progress in reading. This network has an app called Goodreads.

The service was created in 2016 enthusiast Otis Chandler. Its main function is to help in choosing books to read. By registering in the social network, it is necessary to tell about the preferences: it also contains the entrance to Apple Music. In the beginning you should decide on ones heart genres to choose favorite books. Next, you will prompted to mark all read by the user of the work.

Of course, as with every social network, Orkut is a social function. Here you can add friends, follow what they read in the moment, leave comments on books, offer them to create a quiz, share quotes, and more. In addition, this service – a real treasure for beginners. On the site you can advertise your creations.

The app, available for Android and iOS, a very simple, intuitive design. At the bottom of the screen there are five tabs:


  • The first home screen with personalized suggestions and recommendations, this is where you can sit down for a few hours, adding books desired.
  • Second the books and shelves user: displays all read, read and waiting to read literature. Here you can create new shelves, to open and close access to them.
  • The third search. Here is the whole search books, offers interesting materials to read and also make recommendations.
  • The fourth scan. With the camera you can scan any paper book, and it will appear in Orkut.
  • The fifth tab is a collection of all social functions. Here is a list with friends, groups, reader events, the best books and settings.
  • In short, Goodreads is a great app for fans reading and wanting to follow my book progress. The application of this social network are completely free in the App Store and Google Play.

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