Named 13 10 iOS features that Apple copied from Android

It is known that Google’s new Android platform N copied a number of features of the iOS operating system. Among the obvious borrowing – multiwindow mode in Android N how to iPad, picture-in-picture mode, Night Mode, quick responses, and group notifications. But Apple also doesn’t hesitate to take a good feature from Android, says Lifehacker. Time-tested features of the platform is reflected in the 10 iOS – new release of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad.

Widgets on the lock screen

The lock screen in iOS has acquired a 3D Touch support, a new interface, and most importantly — a fundamentally new scheme of work, already familiar to Android users. For example, a swipe to the right now sends the user to the widgets. In OS from Google, this feature has long been eliminated — probably because her little polzovateley.

The Raise function to Wake

Another new iOS feature that should appear in the tenth version of the OS, called a Raise to Wake. It includes the screen of the smartphone when the user takes it in hands, without having to Wake the device buttons. A very useful feature for monitoring notifications, and also familiar to users of Android starting with Lollipop.

“Clear all” for notifications

IOS 10 will be able to take notice of all applications using a single icon, is another option, familiar to every user of Android since its early versions. In iOS you can clean up in one fell swoop only to individual notification groups.

Siri opened up to developers

Apple opened to third-party developers the opportunity to work with voice assistant Siri. The functionality of the assistant is planned to expand by adding functionality with third-party messengers. Unfortunately, Apple was late: OK Google acquired it last year.

Convert the message to text, and support for third party applications in the Phone

IOS 10 will receive new features and brand mobile phone of Apple. These include the conversion of Voicemail messages to text and support for third party applications. The latter is useful for obtaining information about the number of the incoming call (why reply to spam?). Android already is able to determine whether this number is a commercial company. The same applies to transcripts of voice mail.

“Smart” keyboard QuickType

Keyboard from Apple will also receive new features. The main one will be the implementation of DeepLearning — deep machine learning, new algorithms that QuickType will be able to provide users with intelligent hints. For example, if in the conversation someone will ask about the current location of the user, the system will offer to share the coordinates. Similar has already been implemented in Hangouts and the new messenger from Google called Allo that provides a similar function for Android users.

Function face detection in Photos

The standard Photo app in iOS will learn to recognize faces. Working on the same principle that Google Photos (available on Android and iOS), Apple will also identify the objects in the photo, allowing the user to search the archives. In addition, Apple Photos will use the new machine algorithms that are to make their own albums. On the iPhone and iPad will be able to store photos on the server into the original quality without any restrictions on the volume — similar to the innovation of Google.

Access to third-party developers to Apple maps

The changes will affect Apple Maps: they will get a new design, as well as interesting add-ins. It is known that they include tips about travel time to the selected point, a variety of filters (e.g., the type of menu for restaurants). The navigation mode will learn to evaluate road traffic along the route and will give you dynamic tips to change the way that you don’t hit traffic.

Another important event will be access to the proprietary Apple maps for third-party developers. Access restaurant menus will be implemented using OpenTable, you will be able to book taxis directly in maps by apps Uber and make payments with Apple Pay directly in Apple Maps.

Improved iMessage

iMessage in iOS 10 — an example of almost perfect messenger. New features such as extended work with links, video sharing, support for Emoji, the cancellation of not yet received messages and support for handwritten messages iMessage give the opportunity to compete with any competitors. Some of these features recently announced by Google, not to mention the third-party applications.

Collaboration in notes, edit the Live Photos

During the presentation, Apple spoke about some of the smaller features borrowed from Android. Among them is a joint work with notes (similar to feature in Google Keep appeared in 2014) and editing photos with stabilization (that is called Google Motion Stills; feature launched last week).

Typing watchOS

Among other things, Apple revealed the latest version of the operating system for smart watches Apple Watch watch OS 3. It has a new feature notes by hand — words written with your finger on the display “smart” hours, will quickly turn into text. Earlier, Google revealed that Android Wear 2.0.

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