Need fast Internet? Buy iPhone XS

New Apple smartphones supports Gigabit LTE, which allows them to achieve very high speed data downloads. At least compared to the iPhone X a noticeable huge difference. Now those who doubted the purchase of XS, there is another reason to do it.

The website SpeedSmart conducted a speed test of upload and download data in the new Apple smartphones. Participated in iPhone XS iPhone XS Max X and the iPhone, connected to the three most popular carrier in the United States.

The results of measurements at the AT&T network, iPhone XS showed a download speed of 72.24 Mbps and the rate of return of 14.88 Mbps. In the same network iPhone X up to 27.67 Mbps and 10.28 respectively.

This result is enough to speak about serious changes in the new Apple smartphones. This novelty ensured the result in the other networks. In the T-Mobile iPhone XS reached a speed of 59.92 download Mbps. X ā€” only 29.82. In the networks of Verizon’s flagship 2018 clocked up 62.20 Mbps. Last year’s mobile ā€” only to 26.08 Mbps.

From the test results it is seen that the new modem is indeed greatly affects the speed of the smartphones on the network, and this is an important argument in favor of buying the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Even if this rate seems excessive, the stock for several years ahead never hurt anyone.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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