NetSpot: the app for finding the perfect places for Wi-Fi router in the apartment or office [+10 promo]

The convenience of Wi-Fi networks is undeniable, however, compared with the traditional wire, they are much capricious. The quality of coverage, speed and reliability of the connection is influenced by many factors, reveal that the naked eye is almost impossible. A kind of microscope or, to be more precise, the scanner performs in a program called NetSpot.

NetSpot is designed to build coverage maps and diagnostics of wireless connection within the premises. It is no secret that interference from neighboring networks, and electronic devices can cause serious problems with data transmission. Instead to solve this problem by trial and error, you can use NetSpot. The utility allows you to create advanced visualization of the coating and build detailed reports.

With the app you can view available wireless networks and receive a detailed analysis of each based on many parameters. In the mode of NetSpot Discover constantly monitors the air and displays a list of networks around. It can be filtered by various parameters to find out, for example, utilization of a channel and choose your network free.

In order to use the program, does not require special skills. After running NetSpot, you will be prompted to choose a name for the project, as well as one of the possible actions: download the map room, download the template, draw or open a blank map. After creating a visualization of space, you need to go around the room and scanning the network at each site.

NetSpot will draw a map of the coverage quality that is going to show me where the wifi signal is strong, where is weak and where it does not. For visualization using a color spectrum. Green indicates areas of poor reception, and not Vice versa as you think.

Practice shows that the ideal point is the point in the middle of the apartment. Placing the router in the bedroom and in the kitchen might lead to “dead zones” almost without Internet. A big role in the connection speed plays a planning of housing and the number of doorways through which the radio signal gets straight into the next room without losses in the walls.

NetSpot is able to detect hidden networks which limit the speed of the Internet connection. The app will be useful if you want to explore the range of a Wi-Fi, which will help to find the room location for the optimal placement of additional wireless access points.

NetSpot is compatible with computers running OS X 10.6 and above. In the Mac App Store app is available at a price of 3790 rubles.

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