Netwa: monitoring of friends “Vkontakte” and WhatsApp

Social networks are so firmly ingrained in our daily lives that many the day begins, continues and ends sitting in “Vkontakte”, Facebook or WhatsApp. There’s a monstrous proportion of the population communicates, falls in love, marries, divorces and changes. In this regard, a wide range of social actions users there are new requirements for service – for example, the inhabitants of one network would like to see the owner of the page didn’t see who comes to him. The inhabitants of the other networks, I think, on the contrary, would like to know who visits their account. Same thing with online – sometimes I want to hide its network activity, and the other – to find out usage statistics to an acquaintance. There are many applications to meet these needs, but with the latest feature best deal app Netwa.

Everything is fundamentally simple. You enter the program, enter the desired profile and, in General, all Netwa shows who is currently online. Just watch for user activity WHATSAPP, Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also customize push notification – the app will send the phone a message indicating that a particular user is now online.

Specifics of use of Netwa, of course, is vast – you can add just about anything. The application is easy to turn how to convenient search engine for friends (whether to write now or wait until it is on the network), and detective tool for disentangling hypothetical adultery.

Especially, apparently, for the second category Netwa gathers statistics of visits – and this is truly a powerful feature. You can find out how many hours it spends in the network feature of interest; whether it was on the network at one time or another, or not; whether there is a online match between him and another object.

Other enjoyable moments – Netwa free. Any pitfalls, but it is possible to issue a three-month subscription – it will cost 299 rubles. The rest of the application money does not require, and its functions will work honestly – what would you target if you use Netwa nor pursued.

In addition, the authors promise that in the future will introduce other popular instant messengers. Adherents snapcat, wait!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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