New app for iPhone will help free ride in Moscow

Not always our way to work walk in easy ways and is accompanied by an empty road; more rarely she (work) near the place of residence. And well, if in your area there is a metro station, allowing though not very comfortable, but quickly get to the desired point ā€“ but if it is not, but we must go far? Specially for such cases in the App Store released app, which you can use to find drivers willing to bring you, absolutely free.

A service called “companion” is oriented for travel within Moscow. It can be used to build daily itineraries and potential passengers to choose the most convenient for them. All trips, according to the creators of the service are free of charge for passengers.

When you first start the “Companion” from the user will be required to submit basic information about yourself, in particular the phone number (verified with the code in the SMS message), the name and surname, date of birth. On the map you can see located ads and applications, to compile and write the same. If the map scale is not large, the proposals are grouped into small groups, so that the map remains clear ā€“ to increase its can be a simple pinch open using two fingers from each other.

A few taps on the iPhone screen and you send your application, whether on behalf of the owner of the car or the pedestrian. If anyone will respond to your offer or request ā€“ is quite another matter, however, you can always exchange phone numbers, specify them in the application itself. Drivers as a bonus, receive discounts at partner stores. Provides for the establishment of rating drivers.

Today the number of active users of the service “the hitcher” is almost 30 000 people. Previously, the project was supported by the government of Moscow region and took first place at the competition Start Fellows, which conducted a social network “Vkontakte”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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