New Apple patent points to zoom the iPhone camera 8 with three matrices and superresolution

Apple pays special attention to quality and shooting capabilities of the iPhone. According to another patent, in Cupertino are thinking about how to improve the main camera of the smartphone without increasing the housing dimensions. According to two recent Apple patents in future smartphones may receive the optical stabilization, is able to take pictures with the superresolution and significantly improve the accuracy and sensitivity of the matrix.

On the website of the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published two new application titled “Digital camera with svetorasseivateley” and”Miniature camera with superresolution and the system of multiple sensors”.

In the first patent shows a smartphone camera, using the principle of lens some compact cameras: the mirror reflects the light by 90 degrees, so that the CMOS sensor is not parallel to the screen plane, and perpendicular. This allows to significantly increase the length of the lens and embedded in the smartphone lens with a variable focal length (in other words, to implement optical zoom). In addition, this design allows the mirror to participate in optical image stabilization that improves efficiency and compactness.

In addition, Apple’s patent describes another key innovation designed to significantly boost image quality in smartphones. Apple is going to use the principle of separation similar to 3CCD. Conventional CMOS-matrix using an array of sensors, each of which is covered with green, blue or red filter, which cuts off the rest of the information light flux. Then using special interpolation algorithms, the information is converted into a color image. This approach not only leads to deterioration of color accuracy, but a significant drop in sensitivity (each light sensor perceives only 30-50% of the information of the luminous flux).

Apple patent involves the use of a prism and three separate matrices, as in the 3CCD cameras. The separation of incoming light into three streams (red, green, and blue) allows to increase sensitivity 2-3 times to achieve the most accurate pixel-by-pixel rendering.

From the second patent implies that in addition to the optical zoom, the PV panel iPhone will get the opportunity to create high-definition photos, without the need to increase the resolution of the matrix camera. The document describes the improved mechanism of stabilization. Unlike analog, the technology involves creation of a series of digital images, each of which makes a different angle and with a small offset.

Created in this way frames are processed by special technology and unite into one large picture. Gigantic camera will allow you to maintain the resolution of the matrix, this will enable you to create a photos very high resolution.

According to the latest reports from the walls of Cupertino, the next Apple smartphone will get all the most innovative developments. It is not excluded that described in the patents of the technology will find application in the iPhone 8.

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