New Apple Watch will not identify drop by default, if the user is under 65 years

In the Apple Watch Series 4 introduced a new feature ā€“ “fall Detection”. Hours determine the fall of the owner and offer a choice of one of three options: “call emergency services” “I fell, but it’s all right” and “Disable a notification, I didn’t fall”.

If the owner of the Apple Watch Series 4 falls and does not move for a minute, timer starts 15 seconds. After this time the clock starts to make a loud sound to attract the attention of others. Will also be sent a message to the contact number in case of emergency, stated in the medical records application “Health”. Then the smart watch will call the emergency services.

If the gadget determines that the person who fell, moving the call to the emergency services will not be performed automatically. To seek help, the user Apple Watch need to move the slider SOS.

But Apple never mentioned about one of the features of this function. Fall detection is disabled by default, if a user of the Apple Watch Series 4 will indicate the age of 65 years when completing medical records in the Health app on iOS.

In another case, the function is manually activated. To do this, go to the iPhone’s “Watch” > “Emergency call SOS” and include “fall Detection”.

Earlier we told you, in some cases, Apple Watch Series 4 can determine the “real” fall.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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