New case back iPhone 7 audio Jack for headphones

The wireless revolution is affecting the iPhone 7, inspires the manufacturers to produce new accessories. One of them was a case that adds the new smartphone Apple classic audio Jack for headphones.

The product is called Daptr. This is a neat case, which, in addition protects the iPhone 7 from mechanical damage, allows you to use with your smartphone headphones. The accessory does not increase the thickness and width of the iPhone, adding only a couple of inches at the bottom, where the integrated external DAC.

The creators of the case admitted that they had to increase the dimensions of the iPhone 7, but the effect was achieved. In total together with the body of the smartphone becomes about 3 mm thicker and 20 mm long. But now every owner of iPhone 7 will be able to listen to music using a normal wired headphone without the use of adapters.

Another feature Daptr, two Lightning connector, as well as design, made in the same style with a smartphone.

At the moment, the manufacturer showed a prototype of the case and plans to soon begin mass production of new items. Users interested in the device can leave a request on the website of the company. The cost Daptr at the stage of pre-orders will be $ 49.

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