New cover-the battery is much more interesting upon closer examination

Yesterday a lot happened, but it was at least one product that definitely lifted everyone’s spirits. I’m talking about smart case with built-in battery for iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case. He was surprised by their appearance and their appearance, has caused a lot of jokes and grudges, and he held his intrigue. The fact that the case is not just so called “smart”, and it really is not simply charges your iPhone.

Once is not named this creation: and cover, the bearing of the iPhone 3Gs, and case, ate iPod touch, and even the copy is not the most successful smartphone HTC Incredible S, photo which you can see below.

Why not just compare the price. Yes, the new Smart Battery Case certainly can not be called cheap, and of such value, he at least must be the best available on the market covers with built-in battery to charge your iPhone. However, it really is better, and it is not necessary to hold in order to understand it.

The thing is that Apple, unlike other manufacturers of accessories, free hand. If you want to teach your smartphone to work with the case, they will teach. There is something that we are aware of the work of the Smart Battery Case, and we have to share.

To start, you should know that inside the case is hidden (albeit not very good) battery capacity mAh 1877. The masters of iFixit, which certainly will soon cut case, will confirm this. From this iPhone battery pack can charge from 0 to 100 percent, and will only be able to score 75-80 percent charge. However, this should suffice in order to connect the smartphone into the case to a power source all day.

Unlike many other covers, batteries, Apple is charging with the Lightning cable and your iPhone. It is very convenient, you don’t need the extra wires. But you will find it helpful to know that not all headphones will fit through the hole made in the case. Of course, the EarPods have no problem with it.

Back to charging. You probably already noticed the widget that displays the battery level of connected Bluetooth accessories. This widget will show the battery level of the case. However, connecting the charger to the smartphone is in a case, you can see two battery indicator on the screen of your iPhone. Anything similar can not boast of a case from another manufacturer.

Once your iPhone is in a case, it starts charging. The case does not need to turn on and off. If both a smart phone and case are charged 100 percent, first to the flow going the battery case, and then the battery charge of the smartphone. It is noteworthy that the case is ready in 15 minutes to give all its charge depleted iPhone, but to charge Smart Battery Case from the standard adapter will be about two hours.

Last fact: inside the new cover hiding the additional passive antenna. If they don’t help your smartphone to receive the network signal better, at least they don’t give the brow with the battery negatively affect the reception. Unexpectedly? It’s Apple who decided before the holidays to release the cover, not like at all.

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Clifton Nichols

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