New in iOS 10: the function “magnifying glass” will turn iPhone into a magnifying glass

At the presentation Apple WWDC 2016 has shown not all features of iOS 10. It has a lot of hidden features and settings that can make life significantly easier for the user. So before you moan about the lack of jailbreak, you should be familiar with all the functionality of the platform.

Want to make the world around you closer? It is sufficient to use the new function of iOS 10. Apple has built into the new OS the best magnifying glass in all applications. Magnification provides clear and quality picture.

In order to activate the corresponding function, you need to go to Settings ā€“> General ā€“> accessibility ā€“> Magnifier. Here you need to click the toggle switch opposite the item. Then three quick clicks of the Home button will allow you to use the iPhone camera to quickly magnify objects.

The function allows to zoom in the slider, or the classic pinch-to-zoom, lock focus, turn on or off the flash, and apply one of the filters. In addition to the settings for brightness and contrast are encouraged to use more effects: invert, black/white, blue/yellow, inverted grayscale, black/yellow and black/red.

A new feature in iOS 10 can even be used as a microscope. In order to disable the magnifier, you need to again triple-click the Home button.

iOS 10 is the most significant update to Apple’s mobile platform in recent years. The new version will get a redesigned lock screen widgets, new notification center, improved messenger iMessage with special effects and internal applications for communication, updated the design of the app Apple Music generator videos photos and more. Detailed instructions for installing iOS 10 can be found here.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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