New in macOS Mojave: an improved Finder

The Finder can be called the brain of the operating system macOS. You can use it to efficiently organize space on the computer to search for documents within the system and interact with absolutely any files and applications.

Finder existed in the system since the first version, and Apple with each OS update has added new useful functions. Was no exception and macOS Mojave, which has brought besides the possibility to change the color of the finder window from white to black, with a dark theme, a number of important features, which we discuss in more detail.


This feature greatly facilitates the visual search of documents. All the files in a particular folder appear in the bottom window, in the form of a tape with thumbnail. The user can scroll through the strip in different directions to immediately see the color chart in document Numbers or a photo of a friend where he stands on the background of his bright red car.

Quick action

With the release of macOS Mojave Mac owners can extensively edit documents right in the finder without opening them in direct application. Among the opportunities there are rotating images, processing video files, edit PDF documents and more. Quick action can be applied to multiple files at the same time.


Metadata is the most detailed info about the file. If you take a photo, then this is the date and time of shooting, size, color range, the values that affect the shooting result displayed on the device, the device to which to make the and some other features. Before all these (if they were available) could be observed in help menu, but now all information is available to the user immediately when the file is opened in view mode.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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