New in macOS Mojave: Dark mode

Tell about the first major visual change in the operating system for Mac computers. That is a dark mode. What it looks like. What apps support it, and whether they are comfortable to use now.

About the shades

First and foremost it is worth noting that this is the dark mode, not black as in Windows. Apple has chosen the perfect shade of gray for the background color and a perfect shade for the text. MacOS is no longer strictly black and white. Paint right balance so as not to bring discomfort when reading text. So do not be afraid that the dark interface will meet a wild contrast. The color scheme is very nice and soft.

About the fonts and the framework

Unfortunately, the dark mode has serious flaws. First — the new system font smoothing. It is perfect for computers with Retina display, but doesn’t fit at all the old displays. Owners of MacBook Air and iMac old model will have a long time to get used to either return to a previous version of macOS.

Also in dark mode on all the Windows appears strange frame, which is at work in a bright interface.

How look built-in programs

Built-in apps are ready. They are all decorated in dark colors and look great.

How are things with third party software

Third-party apps is not so smooth. Many developers even before macOS Mojave added to their products. Including Tweetbot, iA Writer. Some promise to catch up soon. 1Password, Spark. But with the big share of probability will remain significant stratum of software that will get the updated interface after a long time.

Dark sites

The worst situation is with web sites. Some resources for 10 years do not change the design, and then transition to a dark theme. And even for one of the most popular operating system. Popular websites like Jetradar, of course, has vouchsafed to make an alternative subject, but do not expect the same, for example, from the Railways. The same Google white and instantly stands out from the dark Kingdom Mojave. So count on the color idyll is not worth it. At least, not in 2018 for sure.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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