New in macOS Mojave: Screenshot

In macOS, Mojave updated utility for creating and editing screen captures. Take screenshots of different types has never been easier. Tell what’s new: updated menu, new tools and advanced settings.

New keyboard shortcuts

In addition to the combinations Shift+Command+3 (takes a screenshot of this window) and Shift+Command+4 (make screenshot of selected region) to macOS Mojave has a new combination: Shift+Command+5. This shortcut launches the utility of creating screen shots with all the settings.

On the control panel of the seven buttons located from left to right: the close button of the application, “the entire screen”, “the selected window”, “the selected region”, “Record whole screen”, “selected region” and the “Settings”button.

The “Settings” button allows to save the screenshot, for example, select “Documents”, “desktop” or clipboard, and set action: to send mail or messages. In addition to these features, a set of 5 – or 10-second delay to have time to prepare the items that may disappear while capturing screenshot.

Quick edit

For quick access to editing tools screenshot need to include “Floating miniature”. The thumbnail can be brushed off, or she will disappear, the picture will be saved in the same location where you saved the last screenshot. To edit the screen, click on the floating thumbnail to open the editing tools.

Right-click the mouse on the thumbnail opens a floating menu that allows to save a screenshot, share it, open it in “Preview” or “Photos”, show in Finder, remove, and edit.

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Clifton Nichols

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