New in macOS Mojave: the function of “Stacks”

Many users prefer to save all the necessary files on the desktop computer, which eventually leads to the confusion. Thanks to a new feature “Stacks” in macOS Mojave to restore order for a few seconds

Unfortunately, the “Stacks” restricted to a Desk and not in other folders.

Activation “Stacks”

To sort icons, you can use one of 2 options:

  • On your desktop, click the right mouse button to open the options menu of the desktop, and then select “Use stacks”.
  • Open “Finder”. In the menu bar at the top of the Mac, go to “View”. Activate the option “Use stacks”.
  • Enabling the feature will automatically sort the files by type.

    Viewing the files in “Stack”

    • To view all of the files contained in the “Stack”, tap on it.
    • To open all Stacks “” click on any of them, hold down the “Option”.
    • If you want to open or close all of their “Stacks” with a slow animation, hold down the Shift key when opening.

    Setting “Stacks”

    The default “Stacks” sorted by file type. To change the sorting of the files you need to open “Finder” in the menu bar click “View” and select “Group of stacks”.

    The most interesting option of sorting the in the “Stacks” are tags that are configured by the user and can be used to identify certain types of files, such as all documents related to a particular theme.

    Additional options “Stacks”

    In order to add “Stack” in the folder, click the right mouse button on one of the stacks and select the option “New folder with selection”.

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    Clifton Nichols

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