New Intel Coffee Lake for MacBook will be 30% faster chips Kaby Lake

Intel eighth-generation Coffee Lake will provide a performance gain of up to 30% compared to chips generation Kaby Lake. This was told by representatives of the American chip maker. Both types of processors can find application in laptops, particularly in the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Earlier Intel announced that the processor next-generation process technology 14++ will outperform predecessors by up to 15%. This is the official evidence. The company showed the result of comparative testing of processors Core i7-7600U (Turbo boost 3.9 GHz, 2C/4T) and the Core i7-8xxx (Turbo boost 4.0 GHz, 4C/8T), where the second ahead on the first required value. The number of cores in this case doesn’t matter, because the test took place in the mode of activation of a single data stream.

During the conference at Computex 2017 Intel representatives reported that the Core i7 processors generation Coffee Lake, in some cases, will be more productive predecessors by up to 30%. As long as the work was only the engineering samples, the result can be even better at a value of 5-7%.

“We have a lot to tell about the processors Intel Core of the eighth generation, but now we are happy to share the results of the test, the results of which a performance increase was 30% compared to the Intel Core of the seventh generation,” ā€“ said the representative of Intel, and Gregory Bryan.

Intel also reiterated plans to launch simultaneously both mobile and desktop versions of the new processors Core i7. It will happen at the end of this year in the celebration of Christmas or just before the holidays.

When Apple will adopt processors Coffee Lake, is still unknown. Most likely, this will not happen until the beginning of 2018 given the road map by Intel.

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