New malware deceives the simple OS X users

Thomas reed, a leading researcher at Malwarebytes have discovered a previously unknown malware on a rogue page hosted on the website of the app Advanced Mac Cleaner. Malware designed for users who understand electronics better than our readers. Naive users will be prompted to install Advanced Mac Cleaner, but along with it will be installed the second application, Mac File Opener.

It is curious that the second application does not start automatically. It would seem that nothing can force OS X to open it. However, Thomas Reid discovered the info file.plist this application, which indicates its ability to open files 232 different types. When a user tries to open the file for which it does not have the app, it will open using Mac File Opener.

After this malicious application will show the user a very realistic fake window saying that the application for handling this file type do not exist. This window leads to the criminals ‘ site, with which the computer will be loaded with other useless applications. Unfortunately, all the apps are certified by Apple, and nothing will prevent their installation.

Of course, experienced users will understand immediately that with these apps, something is wrong. Window OS X that redirects to some web site that will raise suspicion. Less technically savvy users should be reminded of the need to use the Mac App Store to install apps. To apps downloaded from other sources, should be treated cautiously.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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