New Nike+ Run Club is available in Russian App Store

In Russia became available the updated version of the popular running app Nike+ Run Club, which worldwide had already been done, more than 88 million runs with a total length of more than 4 billion km and total duration of more than 450 million hours. For the first time, the app now has an interface in Russian.

Nike+ Run Club allows you to not only track the dynamics of their runs, but will help build an individual training plan that adapts to the goals and activity of the runner. Motivation in the updated app to meet coaches and athletes who share their tips and recommendations and a global community of runners in more than 250 countries of the world.

When building a training plan there are three programs, each of which can be adjusted individually depending on the initial data, goals and progress of the runner.

The beginning: a perfect start for beginning runners, aimed at the development of power and speed for 4 weeks.

Shape up: 8 weeks to work on speed, strength and endurance for those who already run but want to improve their basic performance.

To prepare for the race: sprints, long runs, recovery, and functional training ā€“ all in order to show the best option on the selected start.

In addition to the expertise of professional athletes and coaches, another feature of new training plans ā€“ adaptability and flexibility. Can’t do scheduled for Tuesday Jogging speed? Want to move a long run on Thursday. No problem ā€“ built training plan that is flexible to adapt to the user’s activity, schedule and even increasing over time, the running pace.

The updated app brings together runners all over the world: users can share your run with the hashtag and look for yourself in the world ranking or the photo gallery. An extensive collection of stickers allows you to not only add to photo basic statistics and route of their jog, but also to tell their story and share emotions.

It’s convenient to register for your regular workout, Nike+ Run Club in the city, where trainers will help users to reach their potential and set new running records.

The app is available for free download on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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