New prices in Russian App Store

If you don’t purchase your favorite apps (and in-app purchases in games), when there were only rumors about the increase of prices in the Russian App Store, we have some not great news. Yesterday, Apple has officially raised the prices in its app store, and we can see new price tags.

So, instead of 59 rubles boasted a 75 rubles, instead of 119 rubles ā€” 149 rubles, 199 rubles ā€” 229 rubles and so on. On average, prices rose 20 %, while “anti-crisis” price tags in rubles, and 15 rubles 29 has not disappeared.

Has also changed the subscription price ā€” a lot of them have been cancelled, so the users adopted a new pricing policy, otherwise from Apple it would be a wrong step. I am glad that the subscription price for Apple Music in Russia remained unchanged, although in the past it was clear that it appears from the dollar against the ruble.

Rose not only applications up to a thousand rubles, but the rest is now in the same Final Cut Pro will have to shell out more than 22 thousand rubles instead of 18 thousand.

In addition to Russia, the cost of programs in the App Store has grown also in Israel, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. I want to believe that this is the last edit (in a big way) this year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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